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waiting on 2 pink lines

So we just found out the other day that we're expecting our second child. I don't really know what to say because it doesn't feel like a reality, I'm still trying to grasp the thought that I have one! Anyrate I am due the 6th of March which seems so far away! I am so excited! I am also struggling with tons of feelings of anxiety and some worries, like will Law feel replaced or feel I don't love him as much? Will I love them both equally? etc. etc. Did/Do any of you have worries like this? How do I help Law cope with pregnancy and a new sibling? Any advice?

Our Trip to Texas

My eldest sister Diana moved to Texas last year with her six children who, since I spent time growing up with them, are like my little sisters and brothers! Now my other big sister Maria moved down there too! I love them all and miss them so much! Law and I had a chance to go and visit them for a whole WEEK! It was wonderful, so in this blog I am going to tell you a little bit about what we did, as well as tell you a little about my nieces, nephews and my big sisters! Since Maria was going to be moving down there she and Kennadee came to stay with us so we could all fly down together. I was so excited that someone was coming to see my new house that I went crazy cleaning everything! which didn't last long...
I don't know if you can tell but those are tiny baby foot prints on my woodfloor -cute! We arrived in Austin where Diana and Aaron were waiting for us and drove to Hutto, where my two sistas now live! I love that the have water towers EVERYWHERE! We'll start with the kids yo…

Oh Utah!

I've always wanted to move away from Utah, I was born and raised here and I just wanted to leave and experience other places. Now I'm married and have a son -still I would love to live somewhere else, even if its only for a short time. However, Cole (my husband) never wants to leave Utah -so I'm stuck here forever! I'm finding its not all that bad though, so here are a few great things about Utah! Our beautiful rocky, spring mountains with aspen forests the red-rock mountains with gorgeous blue lakes the first leaves turning in the fall the first snow of the season to a white blanket winter the snow starts to thaw and we do it all over again! This last one is pretty much our front yard, you look out and there's Lake Mountain with Utah Lake just on the other side