Oh Utah!

I've always wanted to move away from Utah, I was born and raised here and I just wanted to leave and experience other places. Now I'm married and have a son -still I would love to live somewhere else, even if its only for a short time. However, Cole (my husband) never wants to leave Utah -so I'm stuck here forever! I'm finding its not all that bad though, so here are a few great things about Utah!
Our beautiful rocky, spring mountains
with aspen forests
the red-rock mountains
with gorgeous blue lakes
the first leaves turning in the fall
the first snow of the season
to a white blanket winter
the snow starts to thaw
and we do it all over again!
This last one is pretty much our front yard, you look out and there's Lake Mountain with Utah Lake just on the other side


Rachael said…
You can't ever move! Its bad enough you live in Eagle Mountain and its so far. I would be left friendless if you moved away.
The Eldredge's said…
So I take it you will never live in Texas? That sucks!! I really wish you guys would come out here!! I love and miss you tons!!
Sniff, sniff, sniff.....

I miss all of the above. My favorite part of living in Utah is the cold snap that usually happens in early September. I get so excited for the fall and coming winter. I start baking and cooking up chili and soup.

I miss that so much!! I love Utah too, but I know Texas is where we are supposed to be.
Mom said…
I personally am glad that I have one child left within less than a day's drive of where I live, so pleaaaaasssseeee don't leave Utah!

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