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I REALLY don't like it when.....

MOMS, YOUR THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS NEEDED! A few months ago I was in Walmart :P with three VERY small children. Law was being a very happy playful self -which is rare so I REALLY enjoy these moments. Not bothering anyone or anything just being happy, laughing, and playing  when an old man came around the corner and SH'd him harshly it caught him off guard he was scared and sad. I didn't do anything -not because I agreed with the man that he needed to 'SSHHH!!' but because I just didn't know what to do! I have regretted not saying something to that man ever since. We are a loud family and Law does have a big voice but he didn't need to do that it was rude and uncalled for. Today I visited that same Walmart for the first time since then and my boys were running around the cart as I was checking out -just being happy, not being destructive at all -and believe me I'd be the first to admit if they were being too rowdy -it's not uncommon. However this time, like the las…
whymoms need throw pillows.. you come in tired after a long day and face that pile of laundry on your bed that needs folding only to realize you are not alone... my cute bug!

Experience of a lifetime!

So most of you know Law is seriously OBSESSED with Peregrine Falcons. In fact 95% of his waking hours are spent pretending to be a Peregrine or having Grey hold on to his arm like Grey is his falcon. When Law was assigned show-and-tell in school he wanted to take a Peregrine Falcon -but had to settle for pictures of one then -on his own- prepared a report to teach all his class about his favorite animal. Law knows so much about these birds and is constantly sharing facts about them  -even with complete strangers! Today he had an awesome opportunity -my amazing friend hooked us up with a great guy who owns falcons and he let us come out and fly them! He was able to see the falcon fly, catch and eat a pigeon, and HE HELD IT! Ron (owner) even gave the boys their own falcon equipment! -hoods, leashes, etc. It was FANTASTIC!!! I'm so grateful we were able to do this it was great!!
That's him on the top bunk legs flung over the side :) If only everyone could sleep like a child the world would be a happier place!


WE HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS AND WERE SO BLESSED! Christmas Eve Mom and Dad Newman and Seth came over we had food and a little Christmas program it was great then right before Cole and I were going to bed we had an elf deliver a special surprise for us! Thank you mystery elf -you'll never know how much you blessed our lives!  Christmas morning was great fun! Then it was off to church to speak :)
 I just had to throw these pics in my boys were excited to receive their own shave kits for a Christmas shave! :D