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I went to pick Law up from school today. His teacher came up and said she heard I was trying to get him out of her class. I said yes he's not comfortable there She went on to tell me that they're not going to move him  and the problem was that he as a hard time obeying the rules ??? REALLY ??? My son who  -ever since I can remember- Has given himself ulcers over keeping track of and obeying rules HIS ENTIRE LIFE! Infact he goes so far as to remind us all of what "rules" we've broken and keeps tabs on every man, woman, child that enters our house and makes sure they know and follow al the rules!!! So of course my face was a little puzzled which she must have picked up on because she went on to explain "Last week He was cutting crayons in half" ok "I said what are you doing? he said 'just cutting these crayons' and I said well you're not supposed to do that he said 'oh sorry I didn't know that was a rule here' of course it…


Law has been struggling in his class not with the work but with going to class in general. He started his first couple days here just fine, then it all went down hill. He started saying he just wants to stay home with me and even started crying everyday I dropped him off which is SO unusual for him since in Gunnison he LOVED school and was sad every weekend that he didn't get to go to school. I thought it was just that he needed time to adjust  so I just bribed him to be courageous. And he's done a great job. Then things started coming out -kids were not being nice to him, the teacher wasn't responding to him when he'd ask for help, etc. etc. I emailed and tried talking to his teacher -to no avail she doesn't write back and she doesn't really respond. I noticed that on the days he was crying  -if she would talk to him- it was more of a downer situation "why don't you want to come to school?" "is there something you don't like? " &qu…
The kids are ALL sick they've had colds for roughly a week then Law started complaining about ear pain a couple days ago we took him in and sure enough it was infected.  Then Ashtyn started complaining about her ears so I brought her in today and, not wanting to go back in a 3rd time, had them check Grey. Ashtyn's got a MASSIVE double ear infection and one drum is ready to burst :( She also has RSV Grey has an ear infection and RSV  AND PNEUMONIA! I had no clue, just thought they had regular ol colds. Yep, Mom of the year right here :) as you can tell from the short sleeves and the lack of snow  this isn't a new pic But I thought it was cute and fitting.
We accepted an offer on our house. I have a pit in my stomach. I guess it's official -we won't be going back. I don't know what we'll do or where we'll be living in the next year but I know we're doing the right thing. Part of the deal was they get to keep the decor that's in the house they wanted it. I made most of it, and have spent the past 7 years collecting the rest. My very first item of home decor EVER was a board that says FAMILY then over the top says  the ones you live with, laugh with, love I made it -I was so proud :) some of my FAVORITE things they'll be keeping are my giant wall clock, I bought it broken from Tai Pan and fixed it up real spiffy :) My floating shelf with the cutest hooks ever from hobby lobby I just made that one recently and hung our kids' canvas pics from it. Now I get to start all over. I usually love getting rid of stuff and NEVER have been one to be sentimental about items but for some reason I'm having a hard…


Today's my birthday it got a bad start at about 2AM whew it's hard when life gets you down  but around 6:40AM an outpouring of love started from friends and family I'm so grateful to have love in all shapes/forms It helps me smile on hard days :)

My babies...

Law loves his rocket
Loves his dog thinks he looks like avatar but really he looks like Uncle David :)
Grey loves to make people laugh  Loves to wrestle and be wrestled -by humans and dogs alike :)  Loves to be happy ..and loves to run from the camera... Ashtyn loves to snuggle  over-feed animals
and is too cute for words!
I have nothing to say.  I've been cleaning. I've been baking. I should go upstairs and fold that pilemountain of laundry. I don't want to :) The kids have a little friend over, she calls me mom and or G ? she makes many appearances at our house. I finally convinced her that it'd be ok to call Grey, well, Grey. -instead of boyfriend- yeesh :P We'll have tacos for dinner tonight  that'll be the first real food I've had all day. Cookie dough is just SO convenient! get out eggs and milk, grab a mouthful of cookie dough get out apples and carrots, grab a mouthful of cookie dough get out cheese and turkey, grab a mouthful of cookie dough and repeat every time you open the refrigerator you get the point. after school the following commenced LAW: "guess what?! someone at school has a boyfriend! Do you know who their boyfriend is?" ME: "who?" LAW: "ME!" ME: "huh?" LAW: "this girl in my class said law you are my boyfriend"…