The kids are ALL sick
they've had colds for roughly a week
then Law started complaining about ear pain a couple days ago
we took him in and sure enough it was infected. 
Then Ashtyn started complaining about her ears
so I brought her in today and, not wanting to go back in a 3rd time, had them check Grey.
Ashtyn's got a MASSIVE double ear infection and one drum is ready to burst :(
She also has RSV
Grey has an ear infection and RSV
I had no clue, just thought they had regular ol colds.
Yep, Mom of the year right here :)
as you can tell from the short sleeves and the lack of snow 
this isn't a new pic
But I thought it was cute and fitting.


Jessica said…
Oh my gosh!!! That is so sad! I hope they sleep a lot and get better fast.

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