We accepted an offer on our house.
I have a pit in my stomach.
I guess it's official -we won't be going back.
I don't know what we'll do or where we'll be living in the next year
but I know we're doing the right thing.
Part of the deal was they get to keep the decor that's in the house
they wanted it.
I made most of it, and have spent the past 7 years collecting the rest.
My very first item of home decor EVER was a board that says
then over the top says 
the ones you live with, laugh with, love
I made it -I was so proud :)
some of my FAVORITE things they'll be keeping are
my giant wall clock, I bought it broken from Tai Pan and fixed it up real spiffy :)
My floating shelf with the cutest hooks ever from hobby lobby
I just made that one recently and hung our kids' canvas pics from it.
Now I get to start all over.
I usually love getting rid of stuff
and NEVER have been one to be sentimental about items
but for some reason I'm having a hard time letting go
 of all my great wall decor
and the house
and the yard
and the garden
and the school
and the neighborhood
It's weird.
I know God has plans for us and I'm excited to see where he leads us.


The Eldredge's said…
I feel ya sista! You put so much into that house! You made it amazing! Your yard and garden were amazing! And the house was gorgeous! It's so strange how a house becomes a part of you. I miss mine too! It's like an old boyfriend where you drive by it to see what it's doing! LOL!! Even though it's just the front of the house so all that changes is the weeds growing in the yard : (

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