I have nothing to say. 
I've been cleaning.
I've been baking.
I should go upstairs and fold that pile mountain of laundry.
I don't want to :)
The kids have a little friend over,
she calls me mom and or G ?
she makes many appearances at our house.
I finally convinced her that it'd be ok to call Grey, well, Grey.
-instead of boyfriend- yeesh :P
We'll have tacos for dinner tonight 
that'll be the first real food I've had all day.
Cookie dough is just SO convenient!
get out eggs and milk, grab a mouthful of cookie dough
get out apples and carrots, grab a mouthful of cookie dough
get out cheese and turkey, grab a mouthful of cookie dough
and repeat every time you open the refrigerator
you get the point.
after school the following commenced
LAW: "guess what?! someone at school has a boyfriend! Do you know who their boyfriend is?"
ME: "who?"
LAW: "ME!"
ME: "huh?"
LAW: "this girl in my class said law you are my boyfriend"
ME: "who is she?"
LAW: "I don't know."
ME: "what's her name?"
LAW: "I don't know."
ME: "you're grounded til after your mission -to your room!"
LAW: "WHAAAAAA" -all the way to his room, see ya at 21 boy!
J/K on that last part but sometimes I do feel like grounding them from growing up.
and who are these girls that are 4-5-6 yrs old and think they know all about b/f g/f drama??
it's slightly annoying :P


Jessica said…
Oh my goodness!!! So Max has had a little "girlfriend" since 1st grade and guess what, her name is Jessica.
The Eldredge's said…
Drama Drama Drama!! LOL!! Luckily that really hasn't happened with Kennadee (that I know of?) And oh by the way I want cookie dough!
Sarah Ball said…
haha this made me laugh out loud!! seriously though how are we going to keep our kids little!! =) miss you girl!

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