I went to pick Law up from school today.
His teacher came up and said she heard I was trying to get him out of her class.
I said yes he's not comfortable there
She went on to tell me that they're not going to move him 
and the problem was that he as a hard time obeying the rules
??? REALLY ???
My son who
 -ever since I can remember-
Has given himself ulcers over keeping track of and obeying rules
Infact he goes so far as to remind us all of what "rules" we've broken
and keeps tabs on every man, woman, child that enters our house
and makes sure they know and follow al the rules!!!
So of course my face was a little puzzled
which she must have picked up on because she went on to explain
"Last week He was cutting crayons in half"
"I said what are you doing? he said 'just cutting these crayons' and I said well you're not supposed to do that he said 'oh sorry I didn't know that was a rule here' of course it's a rule i'm sure at your old school they didn't let you do that! It's not on our rule board but it's just common sense."


Jessica said…
I am writing a letter! I am sending an envelope full of cut in half crayons to her house!

I don't like her.

Sorry J :(

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