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flat = will travel

My cute little niece chose me to help her out with her "Flat Stanley" project this is what I'm thinking Stan would do if he visited SLC what do you think??
skate at the Utah Olympic Oval Hit up the Trax train downtown see the City Creek Mall fountain light show  and give ol St Nick a high five while he's there

Halloween season was great there were cookies to decorate and eat, pumpkins to carve, hairs to cut, and LOTS of candy!

Law ALWAYS thinks carving pumpkins will be SO FUN -but he has such bad texture issues and never enjoys the slimey-ness lol -love that boy!
We went to the city's pumpkin festival -which the kids thought was awesome they participated in the freeze dance competition -kinda :) They got loaded up on all kinds of carnival food and candy lol
We did our ward trunk-or-treat/chili cook-off -no pics :( I won first prize for my bacon, potato, broccoli soup :D  which -not to be cocky- wasn't surprising because it is AMAZING hahaha!

Last night I took the kids out trick-or-treating (also no pics :( ) until they were BEGGING to go home and go to bed! All-in-all it was a great month! Now on to November I can't wait to start pies!!!

the leaf fight

I thought to write cute caption with this episode but the pictures kinda speak for themselves:


We got the first snow at our house today -right now :) Ashtyn was totally captivated by it, it was wonderful and cute!

Being a parent is so hard and scary sometimes. It's hard when something scary is going on and you've got to keep it together and make choices and stay calm. Last Wednesday Law had his tonsils and adenoids out, everything went well and he was recovering -or so we thought. Yesterday, a week after surgery, Law came in my room sometime in the 4 o'clock hour of the morning and said he spit out blood. I wasn't sure if it was an emergency or not so I said a quick prayer for direction on whether he needed to go to the hospital or not. The second my prayer ended Cole came in and said he would definitely need to go in -as he was now laying with a bowl full of blood under his face. I rushed him in smiling, saying 'I'm sure it's fine..we're just going to the doctor..everything is going to be's fun to go to the doctor in the dark!' doing my best to keep things light while freaking out on the inside, eyes welling up with tears -he was DEATHLY afraid…

huge update ??

Life has been crazy busy lately -or it just feels that way -or something? Anywho we've had family in-and-out and in-and-out for the passed 3 months  It has been awesome!  We've never had a year where we got to get together with so much family! My family even got family pics! -which hasn't been done since I was 4! We 5 kids haven't even been all together since before I was married! Here's my favs: our true family  the one where my big bro surprised us all with a steamroller flashback  and we had our own little shoot
Then a couple weeks ago we got to go out to California for our nephew's baptism  It was amazing! seriously the best baptism I've ever attended. EVER. And my brother and sister in law had so much fun stuff planned! I'm dumb and forgot to bring my camera but we went to the beach  (Cole had his phone) -the pics are awful  Cole insisted we keep his phone in a plastic baggy to protect it from sand and such  :) he's cute and smart

We went out …
Yesterday was so much longer than planned getting up @ 3:30 to irrigate, then fitting in a workout, and all the little people involved in my motherhood made for a very long day. Then as I was getting those little people to bed and really considering 7:30 to be a great bedtime for myself, a surprise came! My friend Jessica -funny huh there are so many of us- came to kidnap me for a Blackhawk concert! It was super fun -I look SUPER tired :P They got S.U.P.E.R. old in the last 10 yrs But they still sounded as great as they did 20yrs ago! -even if their jowls were a little distracting :) Getting old is a glorious thing! -keeping a youthful heart at the same time priceless!
OH that garden!
I suck at keeping anything -or anyone for that matter- "up to date" I go to the garden regularly and am always coming home with TONS of produce But do I keep YOU in the loop and let you know about it and help you step-by-step to create and maintain your own back yard produce aisle?? No. No I don't. I was up @ 3:30 this morning out to do the irrigation  -I didn't take these pics then because it was dark   duh. But I had to go back a few hours ago to switch gates and what-not yaddy yadda ANYWAY I snapped a few REALLY sloppy bad pics while I was out in the mud :P
Here's an incomplete pic of what I gathered a couple days ago -after giving away 2/3 of it, and still not even putting all I had in the pic Here's the garden today  really awful onion pic  green beans  cucumbers  corn  crazy weird tomato pic  zucchini  potatoes  red beets -the gold ones are gone, they were good :)  straightneck yellow squash  a whole boat load of peppers  tomatillos I o…