huge update ??

Life has been crazy busy lately -or it just feels that way -or something?
Anywho we've had family in-and-out and in-and-out for the passed 3 months 
It has been awesome! 
We've never had a year where we got to get together with so much family!
My family even got family pics! -which hasn't been done since I was 4!
We 5 kids haven't even been all together since before I was married!
Here's my favs:
our true family
 the one where my big bro surprised us all with a steamroller flashback
 and we had our own little shoot

Then a couple weeks ago we got to go out to California for our nephew's baptism 
It was amazing! seriously the best baptism I've ever attended. EVER.
And my brother and sister in law had so much fun stuff planned!
I'm dumb and forgot to bring my camera but we went to the beach 
(Cole had his phone)
-the pics are awful 
Cole insisted we keep his phone in a plastic baggy to protect it from sand and such 
:) he's cute and smart

We went out to this fun cute frozen yogurt shop!
We got to go up in the mountains to a cute little apple farm where you can press your own cider
 the kids really loved the petting zoo
 -I really loved the crisp mountain air -and the crisp cider mmm.
We had a movie night -filled with TONS of treats!
It was a super great trip I can't wait to go back again!

We celebrated Ashtyn's 3rd birthday! I can't believe how old she's getting!
-again forgot my camera 
which is a super bummer because I made this giant my little pony castle, and pony cupcakes
and super cute decor 
-she LOVES my little pony and wanted a pinkie pie party so I had literally
prepared for months!
(again Cole's phone :)not in plastic this time )

 "uh Grey.. you've got a little Rainbow Dash on your face"

Law ran his first race :) it was a fundraiser for school he did awesome!
and -thanks to my crazy big brother- 
raised TONS of money for his school!

 he's so cute and serious!

Ashtyn got to go out for her Grandma Grandpa birthday date!
She's spoiled!
They know she loves horses so they took her for a little ride :)

She had a blast and is still talking about it every chance she gets!

Law finished his first track of school, he's doing so good and loves his new teacher!
He got his tonsils and adenoids out yesterday 
so hopefully when he goes back he'll miss a lot less school! 
The surgery went well when he woke up he was the saddest thing ever! 
I'm so grateful for all those awesome CRNAs out there! :)
Law's nurse anesthetist was his best buddy throughout the surgery
 but ESPECIALLY when he woke up and they couldn't get his pain under control
he swooped in to the rescue :)
Law was able to calm right down and I wanted to cry I was so grateful!


Jessica said…
I love your family pictures! They look amazing and you are one of the most photogenic people ever :) We were so happy to have you guys come for Max's baptism! It made the day extra special. So glad everything went okay for Law's surgery. Having your kids in the hospital for any reason is so unsettling.
The Eldredge's said…
So much fun!!(other than Law's surgery) I love the sand muscle men!! LOL!!! Family pictures were so fun and yours turned out fabulous! We are so sad that we weren't able to come for Ashtyn's party!!! Hopefully we can see you guys again soon! Love you!!
Rochelle Gowan said…
So fun! We need to hang out! Get our cute families together soon!! I miss your face - we also need a girls night out again! And OMG Ashtyn is a doll! And poor Law - you'll have to tell me how it goes, Brendon might gets his out one day...they would already do it, but I'm scared for him!

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