Being a parent is so hard and scary sometimes.
It's hard when something scary is going on and you've got to keep it together and make choices and stay calm. Last Wednesday Law had his tonsils and adenoids out, everything went well and he was recovering -or so we thought. Yesterday, a week after surgery, Law came in my room sometime in the 4 o'clock hour of the morning and said he spit out blood. I wasn't sure if it was an emergency or not so I said a quick prayer for direction on whether he needed to go to the hospital or not. The second my prayer ended Cole came in and said he would definitely need to go in -as he was now laying with a bowl full of blood under his face. I rushed him in smiling, saying 'I'm sure it's fine..we're just going to the doctor..everything is going to be's fun to go to the doctor in the dark!' doing my best to keep things light while freaking out on the inside, eyes welling up with tears -he was DEATHLY afraid of going into the emergency room and complaining that he was just too tired. I pulled in and carried his limp, pale body inside. The bleeding had slowed and after awhile they got it to stop, they called his surgeon's office who asked to have him rushed in to be seen. I brought him home, he laid in his bed and I rounded up the other kids and things we'd need to take, thinking to myself the bleeding has stopped now so everything will surely be fine we're just going in to double check. Law came out and threw up -blood, lots and lots of blood. I didn't know what to do -I didn't know how to feel, how long was this going on!? I thought it had just started this morning, why was his stomach so full of blood?! I took him into the office. Luckily my mother-in-law had the inspiration to come meet me, because after the doctor saw him he suggested we do an emergency surgery. WHAT?! The bleeding has stopped, right? He's fine now, right? Well the knowledge and "feeling" of that doctor had just saved my little 6yr old boy. I immediately called Cole at work and he rushed out to come be with us. My mother-in-law took my little ones for a fun afternoon with her. Within 10mins they had him on a bed heading into the o.r.  My heart sank as I walked back to the waiting room alone. It was so wonderful to see Cole's face come through the door -I broke down a bit. We then waited and waited. Finally they came out and showed us to his recovery room, the surgeon let us know there were a few areas of bleeding BUT there was a big one lower down they didn't see until they got "in there" that was draining down -into his stomach, they were able to stop and seal it -and the others up through cauterization. My father-in-law came over from work (across the street), He and Cole were able to administer a Priesthood blessing to Law. Several hours later Law was awake and happy and we were on our way home. We experienced so many big and small miracles during this time. I'm so grateful for the quick and direct answers to prayers we received, that many people were made available to help and offer support, that Law was so uncharacteristically calm and brave, for the blessing that had offered so much comfort and assurance to me personally as well as to Law, I'm so grateful for the skill, quick thinking and efforts of all the doctors and nurses involved. Law had lost a lot of blood, and he wasn't doing good. Thanks to all these miracles he's home -happy and healthy!


Jessica said…
There is nothing worse than having an experience like this! I remember when Max had his intestine issues in Tennessee. I felt so helpless. I am so glad Law is ok!
The Eldredge's said…
I am so glad he is okay and that all your prayers were answered!! I seriously cried after I got of the phone with you! Give him squeezes for me!
Breeze Plumb said…
Wow Jessica How scary! I am so glad that he is doing better, I couldn't read fast enough to see how this all turned out. I am So proud of you for being such a brave strong mommy Love you and please give Law a hug for me

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