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Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had -is having- a safe enjoyable night!

Family Home Evening

Cole decided it was a great time to carve pumpkins :)
There's my hubby -so handy with a knife  the kids got to scoop out all the "guts"  Ash with her "baby puuukin"  and kissing said baby lol!  Grey chose a "sticking tongue out" pumpkin  I wonder why ???  Law and his shish-kabob eating pumpkin

Pumpkin Patch #2

There is a pumpkin patch in Springville that is fantastic -why is it so great? Glad you asked :)  Yeah it's free! Free hayrides, free petting zoo, free maze, free hay castles, free corn...pit...thing,  it's pretty great anyway the only thing you pay for is pumpkins pretty cool! You must go there now! So we grabbed some fam and headed on over there! Here we are on the hayride: for all of you who think Law looks EXACTLY like Cole well here's a little something to think about THAT is MY little sister right there :) Who happens to look like a ginger version of myself when I was young :)
My beautiful daughter:  My littlest sister:  burying my Grey goose   Law DID NOT want to lay in the corn -I wouldn't expect anything else :)  Ash half buried in the corn....pit....thing  what a champ! OH how I wish I could take them to a real beach ;(  The kiddos burying Aunt-Manda  and Aunty-Em's cute little face!


Friday I had the great privilege of being room parent in Law's class  it was SO FUN! We did all things Halloween I brought pumpkins for them to paint   Then made witch's hats out of cookies frosting and kisses :)  And played pin the nose on the pumpkin 
It all went so well and the kids really enjoyed it! Then that evening was the Halloween school carnival We got all the kiddos dressed up and went over for an evening of games and treats :) -no pictures sad sad sad!

The Least Pampered Chef

Hey Hey Hey! There's a new blog in town.... go on over you might like it ;)

Girl's weekend

Some girl friends and I had a great trip this past weekend! We all met up at a spa and had some treatments  -I enjoyed a WAY over due pedicure :) We grabbed some lunch and  headed up to the new City Creek mall for some shopping! After shopping we hit up The Cheese Factory for some dinner -we are total tards and can't get a good picture -with ANY of our cameras lol!  from the front circling to the left; Jody -who was trying to "love" the camera, Shanell, Fawntell, Nona, Katy -holding Kelton Nona's newborn, Megan -who wasn't paying attention, Ang, and Marni -who is mid-laugh is 2nd pic and looks AWESOME!  After dinner we headed up to a timeshare in Park City it was a blast!  We shopped and jogged and shopped and ate and shopped! -Oh then we went shopping ;) I'm not much of a shopper but I had a great time! Here we are at dinner in Ruby Tuesday  from the left we have Kelton showing off his carseat,  Nona, me, Shanell, Katy, Fawntell, Ang, Jody, Marni, and Meg -…
-Today is Wednesday, although kind of Friday since we have U.E.A. this week/weekend
-I made streusel-d french toast for breakfast, it was a good experiment    
-We're tending our neighbor boy today after (the first round of) school
-Only 2 more days til my "girl's trip" weekend with some friends :) Yay!  ...and sad, I know I'll miss my family and want to come back after a few hours lol!
-I love my kids they're so cute right now!  Is there something I can give them to help them stay small?
-Cole is the highlight of all my days -is that weird?  I just know he ALWAYS has a kiss waiting for me, and I ALWAYS look forward to it :)
My Boog is so cute. He likes to wake up late. After workouts and showers and cooking breakfast and feeding the family and helping Law get ready for school and changing/dressing Ashtyn and walking Law to school and cleaning up the kitchen and starting laundry.... My sleepy eyed booger comes out of the room and yawns, "yaaa Is it morning?...aaaahhhhn" and after he has a chance to wake up
he starts eating his -now cold- breakfast and asks "where's Law?" It happens every morning and it always amazes me -it's not like the rest of us are quiet. Cute little Boog loves his sleep.


I opened a jar of mayonnaise -scooped some big glops into a bowl only to realize  DEAD FLIES... D.E.A.D. F.L.I.E.S DEAD FLIES!!  Hello?! there were dead flies in my mayo, worst thing is I think we used it for sandwiches before :'(  I'm seriously traumatized for life  I'll never buy that mayo again  and probably will never even eat mayo again. ever. I want to throw up.


Grandpa Pete had the day off work so OF COURSE fishing was a must! Grandpa discovered a cute little pond up a canyon fairly close to us :) It was a beautiful, slightly crisp, day -fall colors all around! Law is a true blue fisherman! He is a supreme caster -even with an actual adult reel, he can feel, reel, and catch his own fish! I already knew all this before Monday, BUT This time every time he touched a rod there was a fish on the end crazy! I can't tell you how many times he walked over to a pole saying "I think there's a fish on this one." I'd say "probably not just leave it" -he'd reel in anyway and sure enough...
 He caught this beautiful tiger trout! I've always wanted to snag one but have never had the chance!  My tiny fisherman caught a cute little rainbow trout :)

When we got back we got news that Uncle Seth will be leaving for bootcamp THIS WEEK!!!  We're SO excited for him! He left Tuesday and starts training TODAY!  That makes…


I decided while Cole was at Priesthood Conference I'd take all the kiddos to the pumpkin patch to pick more pumpkins and play around :)
Law found his first...
then Grey...
the boy's decided to help Ashtyn...
Happy, dirty, cold kiddos!  -Law and Ash were wearing shoes but freaked out when they stepped in rotten pumpkin and WOULD NOT wear them lol!
We went home and did some decorating :) My craft night wreath...  and big board pumpkins...  some pumpkin patch goods and a some "home grown" decor :)  and of course some spooky spiders!
Happy Halloween season :)
I am pleased to announce that effective immediately, all worthy and able young men who have graduated from high school or its equivalent, regardless of where they live, will have the option of being recommended for missionary service beginning at the age of 18, instead of age 19.
-President Thomas S. Monson

They also added that all able, worthy young women, 
-who would like- 
now have the option of going at 19! 
In the past young men traditionally were 19 and young women were 21.
This is a historical and FANTASTIC change!  I'm so excited to see how it helps progress the work of the  glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ!


1. I threw my back out a couple days ago helping my neighbor it's BAAAD -see what happens when you be nice?! :) j/k Meg!
2. Craft night tonight woot woot! We're making some cute halloween wreaths  -one day I'll post some of my crafts.
3. I've got physical therapy for my back today they're thinking bulged disc,  -I'm thinking (wishing) pop. crack. done. ALL BETTER! 
4. Yesterday we had the missionaries over for dinner  -it was fun :)
5. How about a Friday Fone Foto Frenzy??? Here's some random pics from my phone for ya!
-My friend Katy -she's a babe! Check out the pronghorn she nailed yesterday! I'm so proud (blogger staff: I'm sorry I don't think I'm allowed to post pics of firearms, she's trying to feed her family ok, please just pretend it's a stick she had to beat it to death with -because after all that's more humane right??)

-My friend Mindy (her baby Abigail), their first baby girl! How precious and fun!  (I'm even …

Field Trip!

Law had his first field trip yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch here. It was quite the operation, 150 acres JUST for the pumpkins! That's aside from the thousands of acres they have with other things.  Everyone had a great time they did a presentation on all the different types of pumpkins they grow there

-there's A LOT! Then they did a little maze -it had a really cool gourd tunnel at the end

then every one got to wander off -not too far- into the pumpkin patch so they could choose their very own pumpkin to take home! :)