That pretty much sums me up in one word.
I'm an amateur at EVERYTHING :)
Is that a bad thing?
I don't think so.
Isn't starting out on a number of different things
better than being a total pro at only one?
Here are just a few things I'm amaturizing in now 
-word making obviously!

*Gardening, I've gardened for a few years now, still learning and growing -amateur.

*Canning, my better-than-all-the-rest Mother-in-law
(I've seen other mother-in-laws there's no need to argue, I'll win this one.)
recently bought me my first canner!!!
I've been canning since I was a kid 
but now I can do it without any supervision and this year I have :) A LOT! -amateur.

*Blogging, well I started in 2008 but I am DEFINITELY still an amateur.
just take a look around here and you could've guessed that!

*Mothering, my oldest is 5 then I've got a 3 and a 2 which makes me an EXTREME -amateur.

*Baker, I've been baking since I could reach my mom's flour pails and convince my older brother that dusting everything in the house with them was a good idea :)
However, the past 5 years I have really extended myself and learned SO much of what I can do and who I can bring together with this happy little talent -amateur.

*Espousing, yeah, I can use it like that! Spell check and google dictionary say I'm right on!
I've been married for about 7 short years -AMATEUR!
We learn, we grow, we laugh, we cry, we hurt, and we're happy :)

There's really so much more but you catch my drift.
Amateur is definitely the word that describes me best,
one day with a lot of hard work and God's help I'll be a Pro at everything :)
So what word describes you best???


Jessica Newman said…
I prefer "Goddess in Progress".
The Eldredge's said…
This is such a great perspective! I love it!! You are so great!! Love you sissy!!

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