Girl's weekend

Some girl friends and I had a great trip this past weekend!
We all met up at a spa and had some treatments 
-I enjoyed a WAY over due pedicure :)
We grabbed some lunch and
 headed up to the new City Creek mall for some shopping!
After shopping we hit up The Cheese Factory for some dinner
-we are total tards and can't get a good picture -with ANY of our cameras lol!
 from the front circling to the left;
Jody -who was trying to "love" the camera, Shanell, Fawntell, Nona, Katy -holding Kelton Nona's newborn, Megan -who wasn't paying attention, Ang, and Marni -who is mid-laugh is 2nd pic and looks AWESOME!
 After dinner we headed up to a timeshare in Park City it was a blast! 
We shopped and jogged and shopped and ate and shopped!
-Oh then we went shopping ;)
I'm not much of a shopper but I had a great time!
Here we are at dinner in Ruby Tuesday
 from the left we have Kelton showing off his carseat,
 Nona, me, Shanell, Katy, Fawntell, Ang, Jody, Marni, and Meg
-again total tards lol 
which is awesome that our true personalities are coming out in these photos!
I love these ladies we had a great time together!
Those are Marni's sexy-eyes I think she was trying to get a discount from the waiter lol! 


Jessica Newman said…
I am so envious of your girl's weekend. It sounds like great fun!

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