1. I threw my back out a couple days ago helping my neighbor it's BAAAD
-see what happens when you be nice?! :) j/k Meg!

2. Craft night tonight woot woot! We're making some cute halloween wreaths 
-one day I'll post some of my crafts.

3. I've got physical therapy for my back today they're thinking bulged disc, 
-I'm thinking (wishing) pop. crack. done. ALL BETTER! 

4. Yesterday we had the missionaries over for dinner 
-it was fun :)

5. How about a Friday Fone Foto Frenzy???
Here's some random pics from my phone for ya!

-My friend Katy -she's a babe! Check out the pronghorn she nailed yesterday! I'm so proud
(blogger staff: I'm sorry I don't think I'm allowed to post pics of firearms, she's trying to feed her family ok, please just pretend it's a stick she had to beat it to death with -because after all that's more humane right??)

-My friend Mindy (her baby Abigail), their first baby girl! How precious and fun! 
(I'm even more proud of her than Katy! -no offense Kate :)

Weird pic but like I said this is random 
-this is some fabulous boule bread I made to go with dinner last night 
(penne with kielbasa, artichokes and a pesto sauce with sundried tomatoes)
 it was fabulous!!



Jessica Newman said…
That is the cutest baby ever!
The Eldredge's said…
Wow I hope your back gets better soon! Sorry I haven't commented on your posts my internet has been down and I have also been working like crazy! :) That bread looks awesome! And the meal sounds delicious! I love pesto!

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