Family Home Evening

Cole decided it was a great time to carve pumpkins :)

There's my hubby -so handy with a knife
 the kids got to scoop out all the "guts"
 Ash with her "baby puuukin"
 and kissing said baby lol!
 Grey chose a "sticking tongue out" pumpkin
 I wonder why ???
 Law and his shish-kabob eating pumpkin


Breeze Plumb said…
These are great! We did ours on Monday. So much fun, are you+kids dressing up tmrw? if so I hope to see pics! ps BIG HUG
Sarah Ball said…
awesome pumpkins!!
The Eldredge's said…
Love the puukins! Law's is awesome! And he is looking so grown up! They are all so adorable!!

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