-Today is Wednesday, although kind of Friday since we have U.E.A. this week/weekend

-I made streusel-d french toast for breakfast, it was a good experiment    

-We're tending our neighbor boy today after (the first round of) school

-Only 2 more days til my "girl's trip" weekend with some friends :) Yay! 
...and sad, I know I'll miss my family and want to come back after a few hours lol!

-I love my kids they're so cute right now!
 Is there something I can give them to help them stay small?

-Cole is the highlight of all my days -is that weird?
 I just know he ALWAYS has a kiss waiting for me,
and I ALWAYS look forward to it :) 


Jessica Newman said…
I think it's great that Cole is the highlight of your day. I tend to be way too independent, but when I can let go and "need" Ty, it's butterflies all over again!

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