Field Trip!

Law had his first field trip yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch here.
It was quite the operation, 150 acres JUST for the pumpkins!
That's aside from the thousands of acres they have with other things. 
Everyone had a great time they did a presentation on all the different types of pumpkins they grow there

-there's A LOT!
Then they did a little maze -it had a really cool gourd tunnel at the end

then every one got to wander off -not too far- into the pumpkin patch so they could choose their very own pumpkin to take home! :)


Breeze Plumb said…
Yea! I loved doing this when I was a kiddo
The Eldredge's said…
Oh my goodness he looks like a Kindergartener!!! He is so handsome! What a fun field trip! I can't wait till next fall! We'll have to do pumpkins together!

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