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slight frustration

7 yrs ago I ran in a race and was doing SO well that when my knee really started to hurt I did not stop. Not the kinda pain that's bothersome and you think 'huh; I wonder what's going on' that was the mile or two before. It was really really hurting -but I was almost done, and did not want to stop. 
Now I wish I would've stopped and just walked my knee is ridiculous and acts up from time to time usually after 5 miles it starts to feel tender while running but I can deal with it no biggie. 
Today I made it 2 miles 2.MILES?and it started hurting I stopped and it's still bugging me HOURS later!
I can't figure out if I need new shoes or if it's because of running roadside where it's not exactly level
the thing is I've worn these shoes for miles and had no problem, and I run roadside quite frequently-
So what in the world could it be and how can I fix it!!??