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Well our little break from school is over,  we had a week and a half of fun filled late nights, libraries days, and water parks. Now Law's back in school 5 more days until summer  -which will sadly be cut short because our school is moving to year-round this coming year so he starts 1st grade in July :P -awful. Anyway we had to say goodbye to our dear sweet Sister Riggs She's been with us daily for the past 6months and now is moving on to a new area :(

 I'm proud to say Ashtyn is officially potty trained  -as long as each morning SHE picks which panties to wear lol  Saturday we brought the kiddos to seven peaks it was GREAT Those pass of all passes have sure come in handy,  we get to do all sorts of fun free things w/our passes!  Getting these two to sit by each other lately is like pulling teeth  these two however can't be separated

 Monday morning we went shooting Ash can now repeat all the gun safety rules  so she got to have her first couple shots down range :)  A…

City Gardening Phase 2

The yard over-all is starting to look a lot better -but still has a LONG way to go!
At this point in the garden its time to cut back the watering from  "sprinkle the top to keep wet always!" to more of a deep, infrequent watering.  In our area maybe every 7ish days, depending on rainfall. That way the roots learn to grow DOWN to water  and not UP to surface sprinklings.  Spinach is actually starting to look like spinach  broccoli  carrots  peas  cauliflower   green onions  raspberry still looks like I'm growing too many rocks  -aaand I still haven't brought the camera to the big garden but hopefully I will -soon -sometime -maybe??

City Gardening Phase 1

I LOVE gardening I've been doing it ever since I can remember!
It's been rough with the start of this season
missing my old yard, lush green grass, giant veggie garden, fruit trees, berry patches
I've been making do with what we've got here
I also had a chance to get a plot in the city's community garden
which has been pretty great :)

little garden: phase 1 -sprouting the seeds
 *you've got to keep your seeds wet to sprout
Broccoli :

Sadly I didn't get any pics of the very beginning of our big garden
 but hopefully I'll get out there soon with a camera
and try my best not to drop it in the mud :)

Temple Trip

My mom&dad-in-law + our little family  had the chance this past weekend to visit Monticello for a temple trip :)
They were so sweet to watch the kids so we could go through! Hanging out in the hotel, I let Law loose w/the camera: He snapped this pic -look at how similar lol like Father like Son :)  I love the hands and fingers edging their way into the frames :)
 We stopped at Wilson Arch for a little hike

 We stopped at "Hole in the Rock" saw a bunch of these little guys Each kid got to choose a special polished stone Thanks Grandpa!  We saw a bunch of neat little eclectic things :)

It was SUCH a great trip we all had so much fun!
Did I ever tell you how I have the BEST mother-in-law in the world? Or in the history of the world? -Like ever? Well I DO! She -once again- has BLOWN my mind with an amazing gift! Her gifts are ALWAYS so thoughtful! She always gives me something that means a TON to me!
Like the time she gave me this And helped me turn this Into this
Don't even get me started on how much I LOVE this gift :) There's OH SO MUCH MORE! I can't even tell you how grateful I am for her she's amazing!
 Now she's gifted me something I've wanted for SO LONG!! I'm excited to introduce the newest member of my kitchen... TA-DA!!! I LOVE IT! I've used it EVERY.DAY! It, like my mom-in-law, is WONDERFUL!! Thanks Mom!

Kindergarten Field Trip

I am SO grateful a friend was willing to watch my babies  so I could go w/Law on his very first field trip!  We went to The Living Planet Aquarium it was SO fun!  After we had a picnic then went home :) All the pics turned out SO bad lol! Dark aquarium + excited can't-hold-still kids = BAD PICS  :) Our group on the bus: Peyton and Ellie  Rodney and Jordan  Micah and Law
 Jelly fish -"so cool"  Lion fish- "it has a funny mane"  oooohhhh SHARKS! warrior aborigines   the magic flash ;)
 anaconda "that's creepy"  "but TOTALLY cool"
 trying to wake up the otters
 petting pool -they had rays, suckerfish, starfish, sea urchins, etc
 they had a small presentation and got to pet a snake