I love my Sisters

I meant sister missionaries -although I do love all my other sisters too :)

Yesterday Sister Whitlock had her 22nd birthday
So OF COURSE we had to do something for her!
She's so cute and fun we love having these girls!
 We threw a VERY short party for her -they're super busy after all!
She was excited about it!
 I made her a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting -her favorite

 Sister Whitlock and Sister Riggs I freakin LOVE these girls! 
I'll be so sad if/when either of them leave our area
Aaaand I secretly want my lil bro-in-law to marry Sister Riggs :)
But she's got her 'prospects' back home lol

A neighbor and I also snuck in and "decorated" their house lol she was so surprised I wish I got pics it was priceless!


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