City Gardening Phase 2

The yard over-all is starting to look a lot better -but still has a LONG way to go!

At this point in the garden its time to cut back the watering from 
"sprinkle the top to keep wet always!"
to more of a deep, infrequent watering.
 In our area maybe every 7ish days, depending on rainfall.
That way the roots learn to grow DOWN to water 
and not UP to surface sprinklings.
 Spinach is actually starting to look like spinach
 green onions
still looks like I'm growing too many rocks
 -aaand I still haven't brought the camera to the big garden
but hopefully I will -soon -sometime -maybe?? 


The Eldredge's said…
Wow they look so great!! You are so going to need to help me with a garden next year! (Hopefully we'll have a place for it!)

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