Temple Trip

My mom&dad-in-law + our little family 
had the chance this past weekend to visit Monticello for a temple trip :)

They were so sweet to watch the kids so we could go through!
Hanging out in the hotel, I let Law loose w/the camera:
He snapped this pic -look at how similar lol like Father like Son :)
 I love the hands and fingers edging their way into the frames :)

 We stopped at Wilson Arch for a little hike

 We stopped at "Hole in the Rock"
saw a bunch of these little guys
Each kid got to choose a special polished stone
Thanks Grandpa!
 We saw a bunch of neat little eclectic things :)

It was SUCH a great trip we all had so much fun!


The Eldredge's said…
That looks like so much fun! The Temple is really pretty! The pic of Cole and his Dad is awesome! Like Father like son! Can't wait to do stuff like this with you guys!

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