City Gardening Phase 1

I LOVE gardening I've been doing it ever since I can remember!
It's been rough with the start of this season
missing my old yard, lush green grass, giant veggie garden, fruit trees, berry patches
I've been making do with what we've got here
I also had a chance to get a plot in the city's community garden
which has been pretty great :)

little garden: phase 1 -sprouting the seeds
 *you've got to keep your seeds wet to sprout
Broccoli :

Sadly I didn't get any pics of the very beginning of our big garden
 but hopefully I'll get out there soon with a camera
and try my best not to drop it in the mud :)


The Eldredge's said…
Awesome! Looks good so far! That's a pretty rocky little pad. You better share those peas! Nothin' better than peas straight out of the garden!

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