Well our little break from school is over, 
we had a week and a half of fun filled late nights, libraries days, and water parks.
Now Law's back in school 5 more days until summer
 -which will sadly be cut short because our school is moving to year-round this coming year so he starts 1st grade in July :P -awful.
Anyway we had to say goodbye to our dear sweet Sister Riggs
She's been with us daily for the past 6months and now is moving on to a new area :(

 I'm proud to say Ashtyn is officially potty trained
 -as long as each morning SHE picks which panties to wear lol
 Saturday we brought the kiddos to seven peaks it was GREAT
Those pass of all passes have sure come in handy, 
we get to do all sorts of fun free things w/our passes!
 Getting these two to sit by each other lately is like pulling teeth
 these two however can't be separated

 Monday morning we went shooting
Ash can now repeat all the gun safety rules 
so she got to have her first couple shots down range :)
 After shooting we headed to Grandma Jina's 
Cole put on an AMAZING dutch oven lunch!
then we headed to the splash pad by their house.
 I just can't get enough of this girl's chunky little beeehind!

It was a great little break and I'm sad it's over -oh well summer's ALMOST here!


Jessica said…
I am really surprised that they are going year-round. Sounds like you guys had a great few weeks!
The Eldredge's said…
7 peaks looks so fun!! I hope we can go sometime! Ashty is so cute with her panties! I'm so proud of her what a big girl!! That's so awesome that she knows the gun safety rules! So cute!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!

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