Kindergarten Field Trip

I am SO grateful a friend was willing to watch my babies 
so I could go w/Law on his very first field trip! 
We went to The Living Planet Aquarium it was SO fun! 
After we had a picnic then went home :)
All the pics turned out SO bad lol! Dark aquarium + excited can't-hold-still kids = BAD PICS  :)
Our group on the bus:
Peyton and Ellie
 Rodney and Jordan
 Micah and Law

 Jelly fish -"so cool"
 Lion fish- "it has a funny mane"
 oooohhhh SHARKS!
warrior aborigines 
 the magic flash ;)

 anaconda "that's creepy"
 "but TOTALLY cool"

 trying to wake up the otters

 petting pool -they had rays, suckerfish, starfish, sea urchins, etc

 they had a small presentation and got to pet a snake


The Eldredge's said…
Oh how fun! We'll have to go there sometime after we move! I have seen many people post pics of this place it looks so cool! I'm glad you got to go with him!

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