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some things...

One of the best things about having a garden is this...
Mmmmm every time I look at/think about/taste it I die. Lunch of champions: all straight from the garden -ok not ALL- one day when I've got more room and more money I'll get an indoor avocado tree -and a lime tree. BUT other than that the tomatoes; bell, anaheim, banana, jalapeno, peppers; and onion all from the garden.  So Yummy SO happy :)
Law started school last week -I cried. But not in-front of him.
his teacher is SUPER sweet and so far he likes her a lot.
Maria (My sister), Russell, and Kennadee were here to celebrate with us so we all went out for pizza :)  I snuck this pic -Russ looks mean but he's super nice :)

See I told ya he was nice :) and he's got this awesome shirt!
I think Cole -and every other Dad in the family- needs one :)

Last night I made this... It was YUMMY! It's mexican flan with a layer of chocolate cake  baked up with some fantastic homemade cajeta/dolce de leche  -what ever you wanna call it and topped with chopped pecans mmm... It was even better this morning when the flan is warm you miss some of the delicious caramel taste but after its been refrigerated oooohhh it's amazing!
I've been SO bad at blogging lately :P June was here and we had/did a lot of fun things Now it's over...and so is half of July! Law starts school next week :P I'm not terribly excited -but what can ya do?
We had Cole's bday back in June words can not express how grateful I am for this guy he's amazing and wonderful, he totally lights up my world :) -aaanndd he's WAY HOTT too ;)

we had my niece stay with us while her family moved to IDAHO! Yay I'm SO glad they're closer! Then all 3 of them stayed overnight and visited.

We had a great camping trip with the Gurley clan for a family reunion we were in the boulder mountains and it was WONDERFUL  I want to live in the mountains and never come back to the city -well unless we're going out to eat :)

Then my brother surprised us by coming and staying with us for a couple nights which was AWESOME! He lives in San Diego, we never get to see him, and the kids worship him so it was great to have him!

My oldest …
Smoothies are a great way to get through hot summers -in my opinion- and also a great way to use my garden's produce :) I usually go for a few strawberries (which until this year have always just grown in my yard), a banana for sweetener, a little milk, some ice, and a WHOLE lot of spinach. My sister introduced spinach smoothies to me a few years ago and though I was VERY VERY skeptical -after trying one I was instantly hooked! It really depends on what type of spinach I use but my home grown stuff has always been fantastic for smoothies!  Now comes the debate  Kale vs. Spinach  -while I lean toward spinach because I use it in SO many things, kale isn't bad at all and infact there are many up-sides to using kale. For instance: Spinach is a cool weather plant and will most certainly be out of my garden by July, kale is much more heat tolerant and can be grown all through the heat of the summer. Then there's the nutrition side to it 28 GRAMS SPINACH