Smoothies are a great way to get through hot summers -in my opinion- and also a great way to use my garden's produce :) I usually go for a few strawberries (which until this year have always just grown in my yard), a banana for sweetener, a little milk, some ice, and a WHOLE lot of spinach. My sister introduced spinach smoothies to me a few years ago and though I was VERY VERY skeptical -after trying one I was instantly hooked! It really depends on what type of spinach I use but my home grown stuff has always been fantastic for smoothies! 
Now comes the debate 
Kale vs. Spinach 
-while I lean toward spinach because I use it in SO many things, kale isn't bad at all and infact there are many up-sides to using kale. For instance: Spinach is a cool weather plant and will most certainly be out of my garden by July, kale is much more heat tolerant and can be grown all through the heat of the summer. Then there's the nutrition side to it
Total fat (g)00
Sodium (mg)22 (1%)12 (1%)
Carbs (g)13
Fiber (g)11
Sugars (g)00
Protein (g)11
Calcium (g)27.7 (3%)37.8 (4%)
Folate (mcg)54.3 (14%)8.1 (2%)
Iron (mg).8 (4%).5 (3 %)
Magnesium (mg)22.1 (6%)9.5 (2%)
Manganese (mg).3 (13%).2 (11%)
Potassium (g)156 (4%)125 (4%)
Vitamin A (g)2,625 (53%)4,305 (86%)
Vitamin B6 (mg).1 (3%).1 (3%)
Vitamin C (mg)7.9 (13%)33.6 (56%)
Vitamin K (mcg)135 (169%)229 (286%)
Kale has more calories BUT has WAY higher immune-boosting vitamins -A & C. It has a little more calcium and loads of vitamin K -which are both necessary for bone strength and over all bone health. Those are some big benefits especially to us mommy-types :) So there you have it but just so you know I still intend on using spinach while it's in my garden, it's just nice to know that kale will be there for me during these 100+ degree days :)


The Eldredge's said…
You should talk to Diana for some ideas because I think I remember her saying that just Kale is not so tasty! Good luck though!! I'll pass! Green smoothies ick!!

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