some things...

One of the best things about having a garden is this...
Mmmmm every time I look at/think about/taste it I die.
Lunch of champions:
all straight from the garden -ok not ALL- one day when I've got more room and more money I'll get an indoor avocado tree -and a lime tree. BUT other than that the tomatoes; bell, anaheim, banana, jalapeno, peppers; and onion all from the garden. 
So Yummy SO happy :)

Law started school last week -I cried. But not in-front of him.

his teacher is SUPER sweet and so far he likes her a lot.

Maria (My sister), Russell, and Kennadee were here to celebrate with us so we all
went out for pizza :) 
I snuck this pic -Russ looks mean but he's super nice :)

See I told ya he was nice :)
and he's got this awesome shirt!

I think Cole -and every other Dad in the family- needs one :)


The Eldredge's said…
Awww love it! Russell would kill you if he knew how many pics of him you posted on your blog! LOL!! We had so much fun with you guys! I still can't believe Law is in 1st grade! He's such a big boy!
Jessica said…
That salsa is beautiful! It was so fun to see you guys last week! Good luck in first grade Law!
Breeze Plumb said…
Yumm! Lets make some Tonight!

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