I've been SO bad at blogging lately :P
June was here and we had/did a lot of fun things
Now it's over...and so is half of July!
Law starts school next week :P
I'm not terribly excited -but what can ya do?

We had Cole's bday back in June
words can not express how grateful I am for this guy
he's amazing and wonderful, he totally lights up my world :)
-aaanndd he's WAY HOTT too ;)

we had my niece stay with us while her family moved to IDAHO! Yay I'm SO glad they're closer!
Then all 3 of them stayed overnight and visited.

We had a great camping trip with the Gurley clan for a family reunion
we were in the boulder mountains and it was WONDERFUL 
I want to live in the mountains and never come back to the city -well unless we're going out to eat :)

Then my brother surprised us by coming and staying with us for a couple nights which was AWESOME!
He lives in San Diego, we never get to see him, and the kids worship him so it was great to have him!

My oldest sister and her family were all in town too so we got to see and hang with them for a bit, my oldest niece just started school at B.Y.U. man I'm feelin old! But its awesome to have her close by!

There's so much more that's been going on
 Cole got a job with Remington :D
 He's the R&D engineering manager -and so we get to stay in Utah.
I love my honey -he's a genius! :D

We had a wonderful busy Independance Day it is my FAVORITE holiday :) 
our church had a breakfast program, with flag ceremony it was very touching I LOVE this country
I made DELICIOUS quiche with bacon, spinach, mushrooms and swiss OH t'was to die for!
and some slightly more festive nutmeg crepes :)
I got the recipe from Gma Newman she rocks! they were delish! 
Then we went to the traditional Christensen reunion lunch it was so fun to see a lot of the family
I got to hold my newest nephew Cruz he's so sweet and tiny and smells so good! I wish I had a pic!
Then after all the activities we went to my Aunt's house here in Riverton and enjoyed swapping mission stories -well not mine :) by cousin just got her mission call so we're all so excited for her!
 Then watched the fireworks

I was so privileged to go through the temple with my cousin for her first time :)
and later that same day went to see my niece get baptized!

We got a new car -which I love :) its a 2012 mazda cx9
It's red it's sassy and has leather so it'll stay clean yay!
With our new car we took a mini-roadtrip last weekend to see my sisters new place in Idaho
-seriously SO nice to drive 3.5hours to get there instead of 24hours!!
Cole and I got to go through the Twinfalls temple
It was so beautiful!
Then we all went shooting...and I...beat...EVERYONE!
seriously it was my first time with my bro-in-laws rifle
which was a 7mm so it gave a pretty good kick!
But I out shot them all EVEN COLE! I'm so prideful **go me :)
ok ok beginners luck but it made me pretty happy :)
While we were up there my bro-in-law made us THE BEST PULLED PORK in the history of the world!! Seriously he smoked it PERFECTLY it was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
We hit up a double feature at the drive in movie there it was SO fun!
we saw despicable me 2 and epic I was SO surprised the boys stayed awake for both movies! It was like 1AM when we got back to their house!
My sister & bro-in-law totally out did themselves and made every minute of our time there SO FUN!
-Did I mention I'm glad to have them close to us?? CUZ I AM!

Well that just about catches you up to speed
oh wait!
Ashtyn got her first "sock bun" for church on Sunday
My sister-in-law, Jessica the 1st taught me how to do it 
and it worked out pretty well!
I mean yeah
 it was totally a sock hanging by bobbypins by the end of nursery
 but I need to practice now then it'll be a cinch when her hair is longer!
I love this little girl she's everything I want to be when I grow up!


Breeze Plumb said…
Yea so glad you blogged, I love to see what you are up to! Looks like lots of fun and I love the new car!
Love you and Miss you
Jessica said…
Love the sock bun! It sounds like you guys are doing great. Ty is always bragging about Cole. You guys are awesome!
The Eldredge's said…
So fun!! I am so glad to be so close to you guys too! I love the sock bun she is so cute!! And uh you should make those crepes while we are there they look divine!!! Can't wait to see you next week!!
Rochelle Gowan said…
So cool! Loved your whole post and I wish I had your month of June!! Congrats to Cole - and yay for staying in Utah - and I loved our CX-9 that we had so enjoy it!

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