Law has been struggling in his class
not with the work but with going to class in general.
He started his first couple days here just fine,
then it all went down hill.
He started saying he just wants to stay home with me
and even started crying everyday I dropped him off
which is SO unusual for him since in Gunnison he LOVED school
and was sad every weekend that he didn't get to go to school.
I thought it was just that he needed time to adjust 
so I just bribed him to be courageous.
And he's done a great job.
Then things started coming out -kids were not being nice to him,
the teacher wasn't responding to him when he'd ask for help,
etc. etc.
I emailed and tried talking to his teacher -to no avail
she doesn't write back and she doesn't really respond.
I noticed that on the days he was crying 
-if she would talk to him-
it was more of a downer situation
"why don't you want to come to school?"
"is there something you don't like? "
"things you don't want to do?"
in kind of a gloomy tone -making him feel even more sad about going to school
There was another teacher that would sometimes come out to the hall
and act so excited and upbeat and happy
talk about all the fun things 'we' get to do in class
and how exciting it was to learn new things.
I started thinking about the option of changing classes
I went back and forth thinking of all the pros and cons
and after weeks of debating I felt like
I should try to get him into that "other" teacher's class
I went in and talked with the Principal today
I felt more brushed off than anything
But she did say she'd talk to the teacher
and go in and watch how things went.
I'm praying that she'll see something 
that convinces her it would be a good option.
If not  I plan to keep at it if I don't see much improvement in him.
It's just been an overwhelming situation 
and after coming to that conclusion I felt so comforted that it would be the best thing
He's just got such high anxiety anyway 
that he needs a teacher to help him stay positive, relax, and feel comfortable.
I just want what's best for him.
I don't want to see him get stuck in this rut where he hates school.


Jessica said…
You are the mom and you are all powerful in this situation. Don't let yourself get pushed around. When it comes to your kids you sometimes have to be the squeakiest wheel.
Good luck! and poor Law :(
Rochelle said…
That's so frustrating. Poor Law! He can come play with Paden now that we are close! Paden has a hard time at daycare cause he is the oldest...and everyone goes to kindergarten his age...so they both need some cheering up play time!

PS I haven't checked blogger in like 6 months and I read all your posts and I love you and I miss you!
Breeze Plumb said…
You know what is right for your son and you have every right to demand what you expect. I had a less than fab teacher for madi last year and it was really annoying. Luckily it was just me and the other parents that disliked the teacher, all the kids seemed to think she just fine, so I didn't move madi. in your case I would not take no for an answer.

But on the other side of the fence perhaps lots of people are trying to get moved out of her class and the principal just can't take away every student for that teacher...
Sarah Ball said…
You aren't the type to get pushed around and I know that when it comes to your kids you will protect them and make sure this situation gets made right.. I know how you feel when we first moved last year Cooper hated preschool and I was so worried and so I took him out altogether last year and this year started fresh with a new teacher and he loves it again. it really was the teacher for him and he started hating school because of her bad attitude. so i know what a difference a teacher does make!

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