Experience of a lifetime!

So most of you know Law is seriously OBSESSED with Peregrine Falcons. In fact 95% of his waking hours are spent pretending to be a Peregrine or having Grey hold on to his arm like Grey is his falcon.
When Law was assigned show-and-tell in school he wanted to take a Peregrine Falcon -but had to settle for pictures of one then -on his own- prepared a report to teach all his class about his favorite animal. Law knows so much about these birds and is constantly sharing facts about them 
-even with complete strangers!
Today he had an awesome opportunity -my amazing friend hooked us up with a great guy who owns falcons and he let us come out and fly them! He was able to see the falcon fly, catch and eat a pigeon, and HE HELD IT! Ron (owner) even gave the boys their own falcon equipment! -hoods, leashes, etc.
It was FANTASTIC!!! I'm so grateful we were able to do this it was great!!


The Eldredge's said…
That is so much fun!!! I bet he was in heaven!!! That is really cool! You'll have to Skype us so he can tell me all about it!
Rachael said…
That is so awesome! He looks like he is in heaven. Love it!

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