back from the dead....kinda

Here's a photo overload to show what we've been up to the last couple months
**being awesome
**being cute -I like her NewYork girl on the train look
**baking AND being cute -we're multi-taskers around here
 **Having a Timeout :)
 **being funny
 **sleeping fake sleeping??
 **growing up and looking like Daddy -I took 3 of these shots, closed eyes in every one
 **seeing Santa in Idaho

 **discovering our crafty-ness
 **being snuggly
 **being creative
 **creating happy Holidays :)
 **being Michael Phelps -sans pot (without marijuana lol)
Grey totally stole this swim shirt from his cousin who left it here last summer
-I really intend on returning it just so you know Breeze :)
speaking of Michael Phelps: red ribbon week :)
**being missionaries

 and saying goodbye to the ADORABLE Sister Lopez
**Being, well... NOT Mirai Nagasu or even Ashley Wagner
the kids HAY-TED iceskating -we heard it MANY times that day!
 Ashtyn; however, LOVED ice-skates, 
did NOT want to return them, but did NOT want to go on the ice...
**being brothers
**being charitable
 **being cousins
 **being friends
 **being a basketball all-star :) go LAW!!
 Christmas Eve @ my Aunt's :
Being read to and LOVING IT!
 **being cousins

 Christmas morning @ home
**being excited
 **and just being happy
**and now being tired :)


The Eldredge's said…
Awwww so fun!!!! I love ALL the pictures!!
Breeze Plumb said…
yay! So glad to see those great faces! Miss you guys can't wait to come visit again!
Rochelle Gowan said…
Cute! Miss your face and we need to definitely hang out!
Anonymous said…
These look like fun photos! Can't wait to see the new ones of where you're living now :-)

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