For Thanksgiving we packed up our family along with Cole's parents, Seth (youngest brother), Lindsay (oldest sister) with her family, and headed for Mesa Arizona to Natalie's (Cole's little sister) place! It was great! We had a nice long trip ahead of us so we left early Wednesday morning and got there that night. Thanksgiving was great Aunt Lisa and her family came and ate with us! It was fun to get to see Natalie -she's awesome and her family! We hardly ever get to see her, and Cole had never even seen her house! Cole had a great time he played football Thursday morning, and went shooting on Friday! Law had fun too! Along with all the cousins there were to play with, Natalie has a big playroom with slides and trains and all sorts of fun things -so of course Law was happy! Kooper (Natalie's daughter) is about 5 months younger than Law and they played SSOOO CUTELY together! They'd just follow each other around "talking" and playing it was super cute! I had a good time too, aside from having a weird unexplained fever that made me feel awful! I got to go shopping -without Law! I visited with everyone and -of course- ate my heart out! There was so much good food it was great! Thanks for having us Natalie! Thanks to Mom and Dad who let us ride with them and put up with us the whole time! :D We love you all!


Sounds like fun and WARM!! Where's the belly pictures?? Got to show some since you live way out in Eagle Mtn instead of basically across the street like before!!
Jessica said…
I can't believe I missed seeing you guys on Wednesday morning - dang it!!!!
I am so glad you arrived there and home safe and sound. I haven't seen Natalie forever too.

AND, yah show us that belly!!!
Hey, you should have stopped by our place! From Mesa you are only another fifteen hours away! Just kidding! I just miss you and wish we could have spent the holiday together!

I love you little sis!
The Eldredge's said…
I'm glad you had a good time in AZ. It would have been great for you to just keep on driving and come here to see us like Diana said!! We missed being able to play Monopoly with ya'll (well you and I pretend to play while Russell & Cole played) I hope you can join us for the holidays sometime after baby Grey gets here. I really really really miss you!!
P.S. I agree with the other girls that you need to do a belly post!!
Love & miss you tons kiss baby Law Law for me!!
I am glade that you had a fun trip, sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. Your body sure likes to play tricks on you when your pregnant. Good thing our babies are worth all the pain and sickness. Love ya girly.

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