Happy Anniversary to US!!

Ok, so Saturday (the 20th) was our anniversary!
Cole surprised me Thursday night by saying "Hey why dont I take tomorrow off and we can go to the temple? My mom says she'll watch Law" ok so those of you that know Cole probably know that he NEVER takes a day off! So I of course thought it was a great idea! I hadn't gone to the temple with him FOREVER! So the next day we set off down to his parent's place and dropped Law off. As we were heading back up towards the temple I noticed that he passed the exit -so I just figured he was going to another one- until he passed that one as well! Then I thought "oh he must want to go up to the Salt Lake Temple where we were married, cute!" But he passed that one too! Driving Driving Driving soon I was in unfamiliar territory! "where are we going!?" I finally exploded he just said "On a roadtrip, I know how you love them!" I thought that was so cute! But on the other hand I was a little dissappointed did this mean we weren't going to the temple?? Well after driving through one SNOWY -but beautiful canyon we ended up in Logan at THE LOGAN TEMPLE!!
It is an absolutlely gorgeous temple! I have never seen it before it is very unique! We went through and it was one of the most memorable session ever, it was AMAZING!
Afterward he said he still had some other places he wanted to stop by. So after driving just a little ways we stopped at this place called Hamiltons its a super fancy schmancy steak and seafood restaurant. Cole seriously went ALL OUT! Which he never does either! After appetizers, drinks, and an amazing dinner! They came out with some oh so scumptious cheesecake -their gift to us for our anniversary. It was so much fun! I felt totally spoiled!
Then as if that wasn't enough already, we left the restaurant and pulled into... THE ANNIVERSARY INN! I didn't even know there was one in Logan! It was wonderful!
We were in the European Honeymoon room. As we walked in there was rose petals all over! Music playing, chocolates, candles, and one huge beautiful long stem rose! SO ROMANTIC! THEN--there was a knock at the door and it was a couple people coming to give us MASSAGES! It was AMAZING! they had a pregnancy massage table so I could lay on my stomach it was wonderful! I love laying on my stomach and it is something that I always miss when I'm pregnant! I was so spoiled! My honey is the BEST HUSBAND EVER! -But I already knew that! ;)
It was a wonderful -much needed- break for us! With him in school fulltime, work fulltime and working on his business and me having to take care of the Young Women stuff on the only days he's home so he can watch Law we hardly ever get time with the three of us together -let alone just the two of us! It was absolutlely amazing, I feel as though it has totally renewed and refreshed our marriage!
-I love you Cole, thank you so much for spoiling me, and having our anniversary be just the two of us!


Jessica said…
OH MY HECK!!!!! THAT is Awesome! I bet the part that meant the most is that HE is the one that planned it ALL and put Thought into it. That is just wonderful. I bet you were smiles the whole time!
Happy Anniversary to you two.
I bet Grandma had a great time with Law too.
I think I might have to have Seth read this..... our Anniversary is in April!!
WOW - again!
Tashina said…
How awesome! Give Cole a big fat high five from me! I'm glad that you got to have some time away, it gets harder to do that kind of stuff when you have two... PS- Your new background is so cute!
Mindy said…
good job cole!!! I am so glad you got to spend that time alone together, it will be even more rare pretty soon! congrats on the three years!!
The Eldredge's said…
Happy Anniversary!!! It sounds like it was great!! I am so jealous!! I love the Anniversary Inn!! I'm glad you got some pampering!! Good Job Cole!!!!
Happy Anniversary J and Cole! That sounds like an amazing anniversary. Congratulations and here is to many more!
Happy Anniversary - sounds like a wonderful day! Go Cole!!
CaraLee said…
Sounds so great to get spoiled like that, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Happy Anniversary.

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