Everyone knows I am a huge present peeker -there is rarely a present I open that I don't already know what is! Well it turns out it runs in the blood!
I heard paper tear, then law yell "BOOK!!" -I ran into the other room but I was too late I found him surrounded by wrapping reading the book!
Thanks Nanna and Grandpa -sorry the gift didn't last until Christmas!


The Eldredge's said…
That is so cute!! I think it's Mine & Diana's fault you became a peeker because we were masters of the peeking art and passed our knowledge down to you!! LOL!! At least he is excited to get a book and I'm sure he'll enjoy it before Christmas!!
That is cute...Law is a smarty pants!
hehe! that's why you gotta wait until Christmas eve night to put them under the tree!
Man! You and Law are sooo much alike, it is crazy cool!

Love you and miss you!
Jessica Newman said…
How was your Christmas? It was weird being on our own, but we ended up having a pretty great time! Max and Mia have both been sick but they are on the mend. We have loved having Ty home and are ready for a new year! Law is adorable. We didn't dare put out any presents early, I knew our kids would be into them! When is baby #2 due?

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