What to blog about?

There has been people saying they want me to update on something -anything! I just haven't found anything of interest I guess, so yes it is true.... I suffer from BLOGGER'S BLOCK! Yes the dreaded blogger's block. You see it's not that I don't have anything to blog about I mean I have a new house, a speedily growing child, a -constantly engaged in something- husband, and of course a life, mind, and thoughts of my own! But it's my lack of creativity and drive that is at fault, I've thought of ways I could show you all my house -but I don't have the drive to clean all of it at once and I don't really want to show you my "lived in" look. Law is growing so big and fast but my creative spurts are few and far between so I haven't figured out a way to show him in a "new light" if you will. So forgive me as I will be waiting for some sort of inspiration to spark and motivate my drive and creative side!


Diana said…
I love that you have a count down to Texas!! That is hilarious and awesome!!

I love you and think your blog is great! I have noticed from the other blogs that I read that your blog entries don't have to be elaborate or special, just every day things are so cool to get to see.

Remember we don't see you every day, so even if it seems boring to you, it won't be to us!

Love ya!

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