convenient shopping, or baby death trap?

Alright so I had a traumatic "bad mommy" moment yesterday!
My friend Rachael and I went shopping and were having a great time, as we were leaving Ikea we walked along the side walk to get to our cars, stopping the shopping carts on the side walk we started to fill our cars with the crap we'd just bought. As I was bending over to put my purse and diaper bag in the car I heard a crash and turned around to find that my cart had rolled off the side walk into the parking lot and flipped over -baby inside! I freaked! I ran over to him, he was bleeding from his mouth and dangling by the seat belt (I always make sure to strap him in good because so many kids fall out onto the hard cement floor of shopping centers). I put him in the car and he fell asleep within 5 mins. which was kinda weird, and there was a yellow/gold sappy discharge coming from his nose. So I called my father-in-law (he's a doc.) he told me to take him to the ER right away so I did. When we got there Law had woken up and was acting pretty normal the Doctor there checked him out and said his head looked ok and he didn't seem to have broken his ribs (he has bruising all over his back and sides). he checked his mouth and said he had torn his frenum? -the piece of flesh between your gums and top lip- and got banged up but that was it. So he's got a really fat lip that looks like a bird-beak and some pretty big bruises but he's fine -luckily! I am so happy he's alright! I couldn't be more blessed!


Scary!! But I am so glad he's O.K.!! It's not a bad Mom moment!! Accidents happen. If your child getting hurt meant you were a bad mom you would only be a good mom if you wrapped your child in bubble wrap because that would be the only way to keep your child from getting hurt!! You are an awesome Mom and I love you so much!!
Diana said…
I am so sorry Jessica and Law. That was traumatic for both of you and especially for the mom. I am glad that he is okay! We all have these moments when we feel like the worst mom in the world. Remember one of mine, the newborn baby Emma head first in the garbage can moment, buck naked!!

I love you sis, don't beat yourself up and know that we have all been there at one time or another!
Rachael said…
I am so glad he is okay! I was so worried about you guys when we drove off. I am with Diana, we all have those bad mommy moments. I forgot to mention to you the time I was playing with Keaton when he was about a year old. I was doing my hair in the bathroom and he would run by and I would Boo at him. So one of the times I boo'ed, he stumbled backwards and fell right down the stairs. I felt so bad I was all crying and telling him he needs to go find a new mom.
I think things like this happen to teach us that we aren't invincible so we need to take extra caution. I know from now on I am going to be totally obsessed with cart saftey!

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