I just dont know what to say, where have these past two years gone??
As difficult as she likes to make my life lately I just LOVE this girl!
I can't help it! 
Ashtyn is the sweetest, happiest, most excited girl in the whole world! 
-just over half of the time :)
Our pretty little lady has been blessed with a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type personality
which has earned her the nickname sweet&sour with her Daddy.
She LOVES to sing and dance and just be adorable!
When sour comes out she LOVES to scream! 
Not like an I'm sad/hurt and crying scream
More like an "I'm so mad I'm about ready to blow, scream at the top of my lungs so every dog in town will howl and the police will show up to see what's going on and every inch of my tiny framed body will shake as I tell you just how mad I am!!!" kind of scream :)
And then along comes the sweet -back to kissing and hugging and snuggling everyone and everything and just being happy :)
I love her and her 'too big for her body' personality!


Jessica Newman said…
Happy Birthday to your little girl!
She is so beautiful! I can't believe our babies will be two. Ollie has the most mischievous personality in all the land. We need to get our babies together asap!

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