Yesterday was a crazy day.
The elementary school had Parent Teacher Conference -so no school yesterday or today.
I had a great meeting with Law's teacher and found out he's doing great in class
-I wasn't worried about academically I knew he was a tad bored with the work,
so I was concerned more about him being disruptive.
But he's not, his teacher said he's very helpful, very kind, and always makes sure everyone is included. :D
Then I came home to find our dog was M.I.A. I looked all over before realizing I missed a call at PTC from my neighbor saying she saw the dog catcher pick Lola up! I'm so glad someone saw that because I would've had no clue how to find her! She didn't have her tags on -my bad (they just jingle SO LOUD in the morning and wake everyone up when she shakes) and she's a little too wonderful -and expensive- for Joe-schmo to pick her up from the shelter for 30 bucks!
We made our way over to the city building to pay a fine of $25 -she just gets more and more expensive everyday! Then to the animal hospital where they were harboring her -only to realize she was bunked up with my other neighbor's dog. I gave my neighbor a jingled so she could come get her pup too. Scared little Lola was SO glad to get in the car with her family and go home!
Then we had to BOOK IT for our two hour drive to ash's dr's appt -I was now going to be late for.
The car was pulling funny and feeling out of control so I get out and realize I've gone a little flat :P put air in it and back on the road.
When we were about 10 mins away the dr's office called and said he was called away on an emergency and I needed to re-schedule! -Did I mention it's like a two hour drive??? After talking to them a bit they agreed that I could see one of the N.P.s in the office. So we waited a good hour in the office and the kiddos were so hungry and tired of waiting finally we get seen.
The N.P. is rushing through the appt not listening to or addressing any of my concerns..rrrrrr.....
She informed me that they have the flu shot ready for them, (I dont care what your issue is with why people shouldn't get flu vaccines, I've had the flu, my kids are getting the vaccine!!)
I warned Law with as much advance warning as possible..... but it wasn't enough.
He saw the plate of shots, shut off, melted down, tarded out, and went through a serious conniption -you know where your skull splits and the devil comes out..... Right.
So, of course, Grey was terrified. Ash was terrified. I was tired.
After silently waiting for the elevator, walking down the stairs, and across the parking lot while hearing how mean I am, how I ALWAYS want to hurt my baby's feelings, etc, etc. We get to the car and... that dang tire is low again.
I know we could all use a little nourishment at this point so why not greasy fast food???!!
Grab some drive-thru, and head for the tire store, waited in line for what felt like forever to be helped, tell them what's going on, the guys says it'll be about 25 mins then it'll be done.
I set the kiddos down with lunch and about 2 hours later they came out saying it was almost done.
One sharp screw, patch, air, and balance later we were out of there :) for free.
-love discount tire!
We were planning to visit my wonderful friend Ray and her boys, we NEVER get to see her anymore and my boys love her boys so we were all real excited. I was determined to go! We went and hung out it was great :) she's fantastic and has done so much since I've seen her last! Our babies are the same age and I cant believe how much they've grown!!! It was great to catch up and let the kids play! Definitely the best part of our day! I miss getting together with friends -I've got friends down here but it's just not the same.
Ray's one of those friends that just loves ya no matter what, just genuine and real.
I love her. I miss her. The end.
We came home, ate sandwiches for dinner, and went right to bed!
I was grateful to get Cole to myself last night, he's wonderful, and after a long and less than happy day, there's nothing better than talking with my hubby and his nice strong arms around me :*)
He's my best friend!
Even if I don't always have them around I'm so grateful for real friends!


Breeze Plumb said…
wow what a day! I am glad you were able to have a great end tho! Great Friends are a true blessing and they seem so hard to come by :) miss you
Jessica Newman said…
Sounds wild! Glad it ended okay :) I always keep a big tote bag in the car filled with diapers, wipes, water bottles, and snacks just in case!
The Eldredge's said…
Whoooweee! That sounds like a heck of a day (like my Texas talk?) LOL! I'm glad you made it through! I hate days like that!

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