My kids are the BEST of friends. It's the most wonderful thing I could've ever wanted.

The boys especially love to be together.
They play all day, and even all night sometimes -when Grey can get Law to stay up :)
Law wakes up Grey early in the morning to start their day and Grey talks/sings Law to sleep at night.
So the sun literally rises and sets with the two!
 I'm so happy to have these wonderful little men in my family and in my life. I can't wait for their upcoming adventures and to see where their lives takes them. I hope they'll always remember how much they love each other, and to nurture and cherish their friendship!

On the same note, although Ashtyn is a BIG part of their lives and adventures right along-side them.
I feel sad she wont have a sister, someone to whom she reveals secret crushes, hands down the knowledge and skill of applying makeup or flat ironing/curling hair.
Sisters were and are such an important relationship in my life I'm so glad to be blessed with so many
by birth, by marriage and by choice!!
I hope she'll find women in her life that will be remarkable examples of sisterhood, and that she will be a shining example herself :)


The Eldredge's said…
Before you even mentioned the sisters part I was thinking of all the fun you and I had when we shared a room! All the chatting, playing, yelling, etc.! It was so fun to have you as a sister growing up! Even if we didn't always get along I still cherish all the fun times we had! Ashty will have great experiences with brothers and she has a great Mom to teach her all those things!
Jessica Newman said…
I was one of those no sister girls. My brothers call me daily. I love them. I am also super close to my mom. Ashtyn will probably always want a sister, but she has got great support system without them!

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