I think we're moving
I think Cole got a new job
I think it's in Salt Lake 
I think Salt Lake is horrible
I think I was born and raised there so
I think I know what I'm talking about
I think we'll live in Lehi instead 
I think somewhere close to the freeway
I think I'll miss his 2 minute commute
I think I'll miss having him home for lunch
I think I'll miss my house, no
I think I'll miss my 1/2 acre yard
I think I'll miss walking out onto the greenest grass ever
I think I'll miss my 50'x25' garden with all the veggies I love
I think I'll miss my 50' flower bed along the back of the house 
I think it's filled with the best GIANT juicy red strawberries
I think I'll miss my apple trees the apples are delicious
I think I'll miss my raspberry stalks
I think I'll miss my grape vine
I think I'll miss my ash trees and beautiful bright yellow fall leaves
I think Law will miss his teacher, friends, and school
I think I am going to cry.


Jessica Newman said…
Is this all "think" or "know"?
Either way...I hope is works out to be a good thing for everybody!
Jessica Newman said…
Also....We moved 3 times while Max was in Kindergarten and I felt so bad for him! It was good to do it while he was so little though.
The Eldredge's said…
Yeah but I think you'll be closer wherever we end up living by doing so. So I think I am excited!!!
MaRea Hess said…
Come build in Saratoga Springs! You will love it:)

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