Does the changing of seasons mess with your kids' sleep schedules?
Law has had the WORST time sleeping lately he's all messed up! This morning he came into my room around 3:30 AM and says "HI!" all excitedly like it's time to get up! -but it is definitely NOT (I understand that it is still dark when we do get up so it could be confusing). This is just one of the examples of his messed up sleep schedules, he wont take naps I put him down and he just plays for hours (like he's to old for a nap- but I am DEFINITELY not ready to let go of nap time!) He also wakes up several times in the night and comes into my room and crawls onto the bed with me, sometimes I give in, only to remember what a bed hog he is kicking, punching and rolling all over me. I dont know if its because the snow outside makes it so light that he just cant sleep or what!!?? Do any of you have experience with this? I need some advice because -for those of you that dont know- I am a total BEAR without sleep! I've already been losing enough with just being pregnant but COME ON I need a break!


I saw somewhere this nightlight that has a sun on it to let the kids know when it is time to get up and the moon means it's still time to sleep. Not sure if it works but anything is worth looking into. Good luck because in two months, it's only going to get worse!
The Eldredge's said…
Kennadee stopped taking naps at about his age so I just had an hour a day where I told her she had to play in her room by herself so I could have a break. As for not sleeping through the night don't let him get in bed with you because he will take that as a reward for getting out of bed. When it happens say "it's still bedtime" and put him back in bed and be firm about it. You can also darken his window like Diana used to do with the kids windows. Also be prepared that when the new baby comes and is waking up in the night Law will probably start waking up with him even though he is in a different room. Good luck and call me if you need to talk more!!
Rachael said…
Keaton and Gavin were laws age when they stopped napping. Its normal. I would just stop the naps, it will help him sleep better at night. Also maybe a child lock doorknob on the inside of his door will help keep him in his room when he wakes up at 3am. Then he can play in his room and eventually fall asleep again. We had to do that with Gavin and now with Keaton. Because Keaton gets out of his room when its time to go to bed.
I hope you get some sleep soon!
Mindy said…
I'm with you on nap time. I say keep them napping as long as possible. If not though, it probably will help him sleep. M has not been sleeping for 2 weeks. I don't know what the problem is. he went from sleeping 11-12 hours and now is waking up 2 hours after I put him down. It is driving me crazy!

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