Snow Day!

The other day we went out and played in the snow, it was fun and OH SO COLD!
I love the way our trees frost over! Every single little twig gets flocked -so beautiful!
-and that's our little snowman
Then we went in to enjoy some creamy hot cocoa -yummy!


The Eldredge's said…
Fun!! Your tree is beautiful. Thanks for showing me. I love your little snowman also! It is so weird to think that it is snowy other places because here was 70+ degrees today! I hope you are enjoying the winter. I love Law's sippy of hot cocoa!! Miss you guys!!
Rachel EM said…
Cute! You built a snowman!
Tyler & Ashley said…
Hey Jess... I found your blog on facebook and I was so excited! I hope that you don't mind that I take a look every now and then! What is your email and I will invite you to mine! By the way you look beautiful and I your little family is just as cute as they come! Congrats!
CaraLee said…
Hey, I love the pictures. It is so fun to see the trees all frosted up! I really enjoyed our time together this week. I hope all is going well with the pregnancy.

I love and miss you.
Rachel EM said…
I HEARD! Congrats! I hope he starts breathing better!

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