Yesterday was my older sister Maria's b-day! (Aswell as my oldest sister Diana's anniversary) OK so she might kill me for putting this pic up but I love it!
She moved to Texas last year and I haven't been able to see her since! It totally sucks, and I miss her TONS!
Happy Birthday Maria I hope it turned out great!! (AND happy anniversary Diana!!) We miss y'all and love you too!!
-Look how small Kennadee is cute huh!?


The Eldredge's said…
Thanks Jay!! The top picture is not so hot!! But can you please email me the bottom picture because that is really cute!! I miss you lots too!! I hope we can see you guys again soon!!
Thanks J! I miss you so much too! I hope I can come and visit soon!
CaraLee said…
Cute pictures and such fun memories. I really enjoyed our visit to TX for Christmas and made great memories

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