Today was a great day we had some awesome friends come over for lunch and check out Cole's work. 
Javier and Natalia are from Spain and occasionally get the chance to come for a visit :)
add Greg
-a good friend of the whole family- and you've got a party!!
 :) I wish we could've visited longer but the couple hours we got was great!
I love to hear stories of things going on in Spain and the day to day life that is lived there. It makes me feel so grateful to live where I do, we have so many rights and privileges here and 
-though some things are not as I think they should be-
I'm proud to be an American! 
So we had a great little visit 
I wish I could've got some pics but oh well! 
I made some great soup with homemade bread bowls MMM! And Javi brought some AMAZING CHOCOLATE from Europe. 
All-in-all a great little visit I can't wait to see them again!


Mom / Nannies said…
fun day!

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