Girl's camp 2012
I just got back from our week long young women's camp -whew! 
We had a GREAT time!
in short:
we did some swimming and canoeing...
 some long beautiful hikes...
 enjoyed the mountain air and scenery...
 did some serious zip-lining!....

 enjoyed our time together as sisters! -including some awesome hair-styling ;)
 We had some really awesome moments with the girls 
in different -more spiritual- activities and lessons.
We had activities to teach the girls about -and help provide opportunities to develop- leadership qualities.
We did a "commitment walk" where every girl had the opportunity to make a commitment to Christ that she would live by the standard/value being taught -it was very touching.
There was a fantastic story shared about staying on a path of righteousness and not falling to the world's view of who we are/should be.
This pic is of a balloon launch we had, where the girls each took a balloon resembling a struggle they were dealing with and decided to let it go into the Lord's hands.

I love the Young Women's program we have in our church. It is truly an inspired program! 
I especially love to see the experiences the girls -and leaders- have at camp! 
You can tell they feel the Spirit and are strengthened and feel united throughout the entire week!!
-and prayerfully we as leaders hope they bring those lessons home and apply them to daily life.
We have amazing youth!!!


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