miss you

At the time, I didn't know why I kept this picture -Law had been mowing the lawn with Cole and left as soon as I got the camera.
Now I'm glad I have it, this is at our old house in our old neighborhood and look.....
who knew I needed grass so much -I love being outside, I always have
since we have a new house the yard hasn't been finished yet and
and trees! I miss the trees!
I've been trying to scrimp and save so that in the spring we can put the yard in,
with Christmas, anniversary, and birthdays it's hard to want to save
but I came across this picture and
OH MAN it will be SO WORTH IT!
I'm SUPER excited to get it done It'll be a lot of work more patience since
-even with the saving-
we'll be doing it ourselves -seriously have you seen landscaping rates?! RIDICULOUS!
I'm hoping with all my heart that it'll work out!


Mom said…
You'll do great! Grass, I miss it too, we only have 1 4' strip where we are:(

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