Law's First Haircut!

Another tradition- well not tradition but it has been done! Is shaving the baby's wispy, patchy, hair off at one-year it helps it to grow in thicker and more even (it's going to become a tradition in our little family!) So here's a before and after shot for ya!
Ok so this is the point I really wanted to back out because let's face it after you start there's no going back!!!
Alright we're almost done!
(notice the pacifier change? the first one fell out when he fussed and of course was covered in hair!)
Here he is our
Ok all in all he did really well I was expecting him to scream his head off! but he only fussed a couple times, and was moving around trying to see the trimmer. What do you think? do you like him with or without hair?


He is cute hair or not!! It was funny that you mentioned the binky change because before I had scrolled down that far I had noticed the change and was going to ask if the first one got hair on it or not!! He is a cutie!!!
I love his fuzz head! I totally think it rocks that you did this! You will not regret it either. I was looking at Hannah's hair just this evening and thinking how gorgeous it is and how worth it it was to buzz off the baby hair!

Way to go girl! And he looks so dang cute!
Me said…
Oh, I think he is so cute with or without the hair! love it!

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