I just wanted to throw these up here so everyone could see how cute my guys are,
Bath-time with Basketball!
I've decided I miss Law's hair, but he's cute bald too!


Rachael said…
He is so cute Jessica! You have such a hottie family. We totally miss you guys. We'll see you when we get back to Utah next week!

also how has Law been since the drinking of dish soap?
Jessica Newman said…
oh yes the dish soap incident! well he broke out in a rash from head to toe! (which the poison control moron said wasn't because of the soap, DUH what else would it have been!!??? they didn't even ask what was in the soap -which had oxyclean mine at home has bleach you would figure they would ask IDIOTS!!!- they just said oh he'll get the runs but he'll be fine) anyways we got him some zyrtec and possibly OD'd him because he turned into a little rag-doll baby it was so-o freakin scary!!! any how he pulled out of it and is 100% better -well except for having the flu right now :)
Heather said…
Hi Jessica! Cute blog! Your little baby Law is so big now! Wow! Let me know how the wrap is...I think they look so cute, but it looks kinda scary too, like the baby will just slip out! (I'm sure they won't though). They just look so comfy!
Miriam said…
Jessica, I've never seen your baby what a doll, I love him already! You'll have to let me know where you got the cut backgrounds for your blog. What a cute family! :)

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